Friday, 14 December 2012


Assalamualaikum J

Based on entry above, which one are you?

Let me tell, nobody is this world are perfecto, you know! NO MATTER, what you choose, what are you going to say, how you choose? TAKE NOTE, me really don’t care about those things J

If you choose FAKE FRIENDS!
·         CONGRATES! You really show the real one of you. I really absolutely respect on you. I think that you must have reason why you behave like that J  maybe the new of you because of the attitude of your friends towards you? How they do on you? Anything towards you?  This is only and my only opinion! So don’t ever blame me okay. Everyone do have own their reason, am I right? From mine, its maybe from the surrounding of us make you, you and you going to be FAKE FRIENDS! It’s not your fault at all but the also your friends fault’s. Please don’t feel dump okay?  Hmmm L everyone must change their style but it’s always not working very well. No matter what, you really the best one of you to them even they don’t noticed about that.

 But if you choose REAL FRIENDS!
·         CONGRATES! You really show the real one of you too! I really absolutely respect on you. You think you are the best one for our friends. You and your clique a very- very had strong relationship.  Don’t you think the FAKE FRIENDS is always wrong and don’t you think that the best one of your friends is PERFECTO! By the way, you must respect each other to get a long relationship J hey, don’t you feel like you always perfecto, please take note that sometimes, you also have do something that hurt other’s feeling but they don’t show it to you.  No matter what, you deserve the best one in your daily life and if god willing it, your friendship will till the end of time J please do some respect towards they because the friendship never ever build up if there doesn’t have two people and soul.

Hey! This is only and my only opinion, okay? Don’t be angry with me okay? Ha! That’s sound good J Somebody doesn’t mention to. If you really true friend, you never ever tell the world about their weakness and so on J if you a really fake friend, it’s mean you show the true you are J

Listen that, everyone had do their own mistake in relationship but everyone also deserve for the second chance. Don’t you ever feel bad or dump because everybody, they are also full of cliché! Don’t worry about that; feel free to friends with others. The important one is they really on you if you got any problem J

p/s: please do a respect on your friends and they will appreciate you no matter if they REAL FRIENDS or FAKE FRIENDS! So I want to tell bout that I really respect and appreciate all my friends no matter if they are REAL FRIENDS or FAKE FRIENDS!

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