Monday, 25 March 2013

luahan II

Assalamualaikum J
Hey! How are today? I miss this blog too much. I’ll write what I feel, how I do, who special one to me J in this blog :D
Before that, that one that I can share with you is someone is very familiar with me. The one is very strong, very kind, very cute and everything to me J
I’m saying which I regret for what I done, what my bad mouth say to R. seriously, right now,  I miss too much with R. I wanna be with R again :’( did I too much for beg this? I’m crying every night think bout us. Why we are like this in the end? It was my fault and I not find you after you not in my sight.
Right now, I want make an announcement that I want you back in my life like before? Can you be in my life again? *I know you know who I talking bout J* can we start a new life? Can we press restart? Can we be like before? Can we be happy?? *crying* *begging*
Can you make my wish come true capital R? I so beg for you right now?  I need you again! I gotta say YES, I WANT YOU BACK! My mind is gone, I’m spinning round and deep inside, my tears I’ll drown, I’m losing  grip, what’s happening? I stray from love, this is how I feel L

p/s: I really miss you right now, I crying all the night, pray hope that we’ll be together back L I’m sorry for that one.

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  1. ika sabar ye..apa yang jadi de hikmahnya insyaallah ada yg terbaek untk ika..ika kn baik..akan dpt org yg baik jgak