Thursday, 3 May 2012

rindu adik :(

hye assalamualaikum ...

post title above show that i really miss my lil brotha .. ammar nazri

here we are... handsome right ?? to me, opkoss lerr handsome la cos he my brotha.. can't say no handsome.. he just 18 years old and both of us very close.. for those who doesn't know about me they will say that my lil brotha is a my boyfriend.. hohoho..
oh nooo he my beloved brother lol.. so let me introduce to u guys that he is my BELOVED BROTHER in this world n hereafter ..
actually, long time not see him because after SPM he fly away to Langkawi to get job over there.. when i came back home, he was not at home..
today i back to home, he also not at  home even i talk to him that i will come back to home for a week.. hopefully, he will come back :)
p/s: actually, he resigned from his job and i will waiting for him.. dear chocolate, i waiting for u :D

me shorter than adik

texting his awek la 2 :D

p/s: dearest adik, i really miss u la adik.. miss to fight with u again.. now u gettin' up and will further ur study at IPT.. so that i really hoping that both of us will make mak and abah proud with us and iwan,hakim, yoyon hana will make us as their role model..

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